Best practice: TNW conference is offering free day care

TNW conference in Amsterdam
TNW conference in Amsterdam

If you take away all the hurdles, people won’t have an excuse not to come.


Many potential event visitors are parents – how to make it easier for them to come?


Free day care for children aged 2-5. Discounted kids pass for age 6-16.

  • Satisfaction
  • Free publicity
TNW conference in Amsterdam

The Next Web is one of the (if not the) leading conference on digital and technology in the world, based in Amsterdam. Many of its potential visitors are parents. And being a working parent is hard.

So in a move to remove all hurdles to visit the conference, The Next Web is now offering free day care for all children aged 2-5. Below is the email from the The Next Web team to announce the free day care:

Update: in the years after, TNW would still provide free day care for kids aged 3 months to three years stating that “Being a working parent is hard. That’s why we’re taking steps to try and make things a little easier”.

Hi Polle,
I don’t have children yet, but I hope that by the time I do, more and more people will feel comfortable about bringing them along to business meetings or the workplace in general.
I’m proud to say that this has long been the case for parents working at or visiting the TNW office, so today we’re launching 3 improvements that we hope will make it easier for parents visiting TNW Conference, too:
  1. We’re offering free day care for children aged 2-5. Sign up here if you would like to make use of this during the event.
  2. Children aged 6-16 can accompany you at the event for just €49. You can buy your child ticket here if you already have a conference pass.
  3. Children under the age of 2 can join you for free, and any nursing mothers who prefer some privacy during breastfeeding can take advantage of a comfortable, dedicated space at our Medic post.
If you have any questions about bringing your children to TNW Conference, we’ve got answers. Simply reply to this email.
I hope to see you (and perhaps your family too!) in a few weeks.
All the best,
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