Think about it: an API for your advertising campaign

So, advertising agencies and advertisers are all over being contagious, engaging consumers and creating stuff worth sharing. They “create” “viral” movies, start Facebook pages, start seeding campaigns, engage in co-creation communities and claim things like ‘consumer connect’.

But if agencies and advertisers really walk the talk, shouldn’t they really open up their campaigns and campaign infrastructure and offer an API for their advertising campaign?

For the non-geeks, an application programming interface (API) is a particular set of rules and specifications that help programmers develop new programs or functionalities on top of existing applications. E.g. most Twitter tools and applications are built upon the Twitter API. But the Twitter API also enables me to show my tweets on Google Maps.

So, wouldn’t it be great if consumers could build upon Boondoggle’s Nike+ City Graffiti campaign to make the tool even better? If they could use the data from DuvalGuillaume’s Fashion Tag to embed it on their own website, expand the tool to foods or other products? If they could build upon IceMobile’s Albert Heijn Appie mobile application to create new features for specific target audiences?

I am really waiting for the first advertising agency or advertiser to really open up.
Guys, walk the talk, really empower the consumers.

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