Being conversation-worthy on every brand level

Being conversation-worthy, having consumers and clients talk about you. That’s pretty high on the agenda of most brands and organisations. Being conversation-worthy isn’t only about remarkable ads (hey, advertising still works), it’s also about acts. It isn’t only about a smart activation campaign on a social network, but it’s also about really integrating conversations in everything you do as a company.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve worked hard to implement conversation-thinking in several companies, ranging from Unilever to Telenet and KLM to Puratos. Some takeaways:

  • Brands with a purpose (a commitment to something that adds value to people’s everyday lives) have more potential to build long-term relationships and fuel a year-round conversation. E.g. Dove’s commitment to real beauty is more easily translated in a long-term conversation than a random cleaning product.
  • Being conversation-worthy is about paying carefull attention to earned, owned AND paid media. No earned media without a decent owned presence. No reach without a smart use of paid media.
  • Martin Kloos introduced me to the concept of a ‘Social media voice‘, a translation of the brand/company values in an online persona/voice. It’s a simple concept but helps companies define the right tone of voice and actions within the social media space.
  • In every consumer interaction, think how this interaction could lead to the consumer telling someone else, whether it is offline or online via social meda. E.g. the Il Giglio d’Oro bed & breakfast in Firenze stimulates every customer to write a testimonial on (read more).

We have translated our learnings into a first draft of our model for being conversation-worthy on every brand level. Let me know what you think.

Being conversation-worthy on every brand level

  1. I guess your insights are right. Although their succes depends on 1. The Perceived Authenticy of The Brand. & 2. The Relationship with The Customer. As with Dove… Lately I’ve seen some Theatrical Performances by Dance Students at The Schouwburg in Rotterdam. Part of the show (the in-betweens) were some YouTube movies by Dove, WNF, WE, Sony, National Geographic and others. Lovemarks? Its fascinating to see how student age 17-20 mix brands with their art projects.

    1. Cool! Is there any video footage of those in-betweens?

      You’re absolutely right. It isn’t only brand purpose. However, a broader purposes usually goes hand-in-hand with being authentic and some other elements. We have done some research on that as well, which resulted in the CRUSH model (see

      1. Not really, but the footage of the in betweens are regular commercials posted by the brands themselves on YouTube. I will be posting a video with fragments of the dance performances themselves. I didn’t have enough MB to shoot the commercials too. More info about the project: and

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