What application developers and brands can learn from Sergey Bubka

Sergey Bubka
Sergey Bubka

Serhiy Nazarovych Bubka (Ukrainian: Сергі́й Наза́рович Бу́бка) might be one of the most remarkable sports athletes ever. Bubka won 6 consecutive IAAF World Championships and Olympics gold. He was the first to clear 6.0 metres and the only (as of March 2011) to clear 6.10 metres (20 ft). He holds the current outdoor world record of 6.14 metres (20 feet 13⁄4 inches), set on 31 July 1994 in Sestriere, Italy and the current indoor world record of 6.15 meters, set on 21 February 1993 in Donetsk, Ukraine.

His true brilliance? He broke the world record for men’s pole vaulting 35 times (17 outdoor and 18 indoor records). He phased it, by improving the record by small increments, adding mere centimers time after time. By doing this, he earned a serious income from event organisers paying him for breaking yet another world record. Above all, he entertained audiences all over the world time and time again with his almost 100 world record attempts.

Bubka understood the art of small increments. He understood that small improvements, well communicated, can make a difference. He created almost 100 memorable moments and at least 35 memorable moments that led to a world record.

How is your brand or application creating small but meaningfull moments?
How is it leveraging small increments?

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