Let’s do something different and turn Gent into the next Gidsy.com city!

Lonely Planet thinks that Gent is one of the top-10 cities to visit. But really, what do they know about Gent? The true beauty of Gent is in the locals. Local activities, mad skills from the locals and the not-so-obvious things you can do. Berlin-based Gidsy might be able to help us show the world exactly that.

So here’s a small plea to show to world the true hidden skills of Gent.

What the heck is Gidsy?

A marketplace for authentic experiences.
Gidsy is one of the hottest startups in town. Normally the hottest startup in town is something about badges, checkins or other things that make you look like a complete dork.
But Gidsy is different.
Gidsy is a marketplace for authentic experiences. It lets locals offer tours, local activities, workshops and other fun things to do and lets visitors easily find cool stuff to do. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Gent visitors experience a tour by Lamazone and Zofie? A mad doodle workshop by Penelope? A streetart tour by Andrew? A barista workshop by the people over at Labath? A cooking class over at Steven van Belleghem? Go shopping for red pants and shoelaces with Bart?
I think we should.

Because true local experiences in Gent are the real stuff worth sharing.

Help us and turn Gent into the next Gidsy city!

Early march, Gidsy started their (extremely smart) ‘unlock your city‘ campaign. Every city that can prove to the team over at Gidsy that it’s apt to join, Or, as they would put it “You show us that your city has got what it takes, and we’ll launch there. Easy as that.”.

So, what can you do to help:
1) Sign up for Gidsy and fill in your full profile.
2) Create your listing(s).
3) Please leave your listing in the comments below or drop me a note on twitter at @polledemaagt (we need at least 5 from 3 different organizers).
4) Send a tweet to Gidsy founders @edial and @floriz (they’re actually Dutch) to let them know how bad you want Gidsy.com to launch in Gent.

I added my first listing, the Gent #earlyshift experience (waiting approval from the Gidsy team). Add yours and spread the word!

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  2. I am so inspired by all the effort of your community to launch Gidsy, congrats on Unlocking the experience! I am working hard to bring Hamburg together so we too can share all that our Harbor city has to offer. Great activities too, I am very impressed 🙂

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