The suitcase principle

Two years ago, when we were running Schiphol airport to surprise consumers during KLM’s KLM Surprise campaign, one twitter user responded to our efforts with the the quote I’ll never forget “@KLM, I love #KLMSurprise … but where is my suitcase?“. And it made total sense.

The suitcase-principle

It really is a sticky thought, “@KLM, I love #KLMSurprise … but where is my suitcase?“, and starts to be more like a leading principle to me. Shouldn’t we all stop doing stuff that generated likes, awareness and is socialmediaevangelistpr0n? Shouldn’t we all commit to list the top-10 annoyances of our customers and use all our knowledge and skills in product development, social, mobile and innovation to solve these annoyances? Next time you do your social thingy, remember the suitcase-principle.

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