A few words on gender inequality and parenting.

“Wow Ella, you’re so beautiful”
“I love your sweater”
“Your eyes are so pretty”

Just a selection of things I would say to my daughter on a normal day.

And I hate myself for it.
Because, if I’m really honest, I would probably never had said this would she have been a boy. I would have complimented him on being strong. Maybe made some extra compliments on his efforts to crawl or stand. Made a remark about him being smart.
But not about him being beautiful, having pretty eyes or about his clothing.

But I did.
Because she is a girl.

As long as I keep complimenting my daughter on how shallow things like how beautiful she is rather than true achievements I have a long way to go in gender equality.
And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

My next compliment will be on her distance peeing skills.

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