Whenever I forgot something as a kid, my father would tell me that the best way to not to forget something was by not forgetting something. To think less, do more (I guess, that was the starting point of this acts, not ads blog).

He had his own ways of doing that.

By making lists.

By packing things together (it is the reason I have my color-coded toilet bags for travel).

By placing things so you would bump into them (the best way for him to not forget to take something upstairs is by barricading the stairs with it).

And – as with many things your parents say- it made more and more sense over the years.

Often, in a business context we think way too much. We often make the same mistakes because we don’t have processes in place to track, learn and improve. We often don’t share insights with others so they make the same mistakes as well.

The more habits and routines we develop, the more we automatically do things right, the more mental thinking space we have for real thinking, for real creativity, for tackling large problems.

So less thinking, more habits.

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