Best practice: Apple being transparent about their system status

Apple System Status
Apple System Status

With technology becoming more omnipresent, insight and communication about system performance becomes essential.


How to best give insight into system performance for consumers.


Apple System Status, which gives insight in the performance and availability of key Apple digital services.

  • Lower customer service volume
  • Satisfaction
Apple System Status

Technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives that when technology is not available, it causes big big problems. No wifi. Power outage. Cell phone provider that has a temporary issue. Instagram down. Cloud sync down. News websites unavailable. Etcetera. We are getting so used to technology just “working” that services being offline causes frustration, irritation and sometimes mild forms of panic, including media writing about services being down.

So, giving consumers and media insight or a way to check the status of key services helps them to give context to a potential outage and reduces customer service questions, media frenzies and uncertainties overall.

For long, Apple has been sharing the status of their key digital service on a dedicated web page. The Apple System Status page.

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