Harvest’s smart ambassador tools.

Everyone’s full of activating their current customer base. Most companies fail. A lot of crestivity, however, is in the smaller startups. Like MOO using smart advocacy kits to activate their customers. Like my favorite bed & breakfast. With simple, cheap and converting techniques, they try to strengthen the relationship with existing customers and leverage these relationships to get new customers. Same for online time tracking tool Harvest.

Since I turned freelance, Harvest is one of my prime companions. It helps me track worked hours, budget projects and estimate, create, send and track invoices.

Harvest has their own customer advocacy tools.

Harvest’s smart ambassador tools.

They let you create smart and personalised referral pages, using on three elements:

  1. A dashboard to track referrals; a smart way to see results
  2. A personalised landing page with your customised images and message
  3. Banners and materials to help you build reach for your own referral program

Can’t wait to see more programs like this popping up.

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