“From social gimmicks to social business; Storytelling in the social age.” for PromaxBDA New Zealand / Australia

I love storytellers. Whether it is my grandfather, skilled presenters like Tom Palmaerts or Steven van Belleghem, brands or TV/radio shows. There is magic in stories that can engage and motivate people. In this digital age storytelling is more important than ever. It is about brands that can move people to do something, it is about acts, not ads.

So, I was thrilled when I was invited to speak at PromaxBDA‘s New Zealand (Auckland this Friday) and Australia (Sydney this Monday) event on Connect 3.0. Promax was established in 1956 as a non-profit, full-service, membership driven association for promotion and marketing professionals working in broadcast media. In 1997, The Broadcast Design Association (BDA) who had partnered with Promax for years on their annual conference, officially joined forces with Promax and became PromaxBDA. The association represents more than 10,000 companies and individuals at every major media organization, marketing agency, research company, strategic and creative vendor and technology provider. That means a room full of storytellers 🙂

I collected different cases and models for a 60-minute talk on constructing stories worth sharing in this social age. Curious to hear what you think!
[slideshare id=13012697&doc=2012-05-25-promax-social-slideshare-120521065641-phpapp02]

By the way: I will be in Australia/New Zealand thursday though tuesday. Let me know if you want to grab a coffee!

  1. Lots of new slides in this one I can see Polle! Hope you had fun! Did you get a lot of blank gazing eyes or did they understand the lines and the arrows? The pyramid  kinda knocked me off, the cause worth joining fits all 3 constructs doesn’t it? So it’s more about sequential steps to take to the holy grail of marketing and storytelling than one is the base of the next level? Can you have a cause worth joining without having a sharable construct?

    1. Thanks.

      The cause/purpose is the highest level. E.g. I love the cause behind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo2wFptAX3k (helping guys to say sorry for the fact that there’s a game at Valentine’s Day), but they failed in really giving a reason to share it with friends and creating a shareable construct.

  2. Like the slides big time. And having seen you give talks, I guess you’ll rock the place. But the funny thing is, storytelling is exactly why I think SlideShare falls short: what lacks from the slides is the story. The glue that provides context and meaning to the pictures. And that’s probably just as well, otherwise you wouldn’t get to travel down under to give these talks! 🙂 

    1. I agree, Bram. But for me, it’s more the general death-by-powerpoint problem. We un-learned the skill to really tell stories. 

      Heavy-visual slides that easily travel only (e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/polledemaagt/6807291073/) for me are second best. I even hate Prezi even more, while it gives people the impression that they are telling a story, while they’re mis-led by the Prezi format. 

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