Best practice: Telco Hi rewrites terms and conditions to be fun

Hi #morecrap
Hi #morecrap

Find conventions, break them. Reap the benefits.


Terms and conditions are boring. Always. Let’s un-bore terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions re-written by online artist Kakhiel.

  • Satisfaction
  • Free publicity
Hi #morecrap

Terms and conditions, together with out of office replies and auto replies are probably the most boring pieces of corporate poetry. They are long, written by someone who seems to write to make you fall asleep and are often very complex.

So when Dutch telecom provider Hi launched a challenge, aimed at younger audiences, to share more stuff online (more crap) to make best use of their mobile data plans, they also decided to spice up their terms and conditions. They had online artist Kakhiel, who was the face of the campaign and who challenged people to share #morecrap, rewrite their terms and conditions, turning their terms and conditions into something that is truly worth sharing.

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