“How social technologies are changing business” for Accenture

My dear friend Jort Possel at Accenture invited me to do a presentation on social technologies and how they are changing business this friday. That’s a lot of bullshitbingo for me, so that’s why I added the subtitle “Haha. What a joke for a title. Let’s just say: back to basics, how to build upon the things you’re already doing“.

Let’s not make things more complicated than they already are. I boiled it down to four basics:

1) It is about acts, not ads. It isn’t about telling people what you’re doing, it is about doing things that are worth talking about.
2) It is about putting customers first. It is about thinking in customer-centricity: what do customers/clients want and how can I commit to making this happen?
3) It is about using your unused potential. Companies do a lot of things right, but usually fail to capitalize on this.
4) It is about leveraging technology to make this all happen. Technology is never an end goal, but a means to get there. How can you use technology to act, be more consumer-centric and build upon your unused potential?
[slideshare id=8564453&doc=20110715cmaccenture-110711085647-phpapp01]
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