“The noble art of building brands worth sharing” for Lessius Interactive Marketing

Acts not ads. I guess trying to change marketeers to do less advertising and more acts from time to time means you have to preach to new marketeers. Well, preaching might not be the right word but nudging or gently convincing to be more about acts pretty much sums it up.

Gently convincing to create stuff worth sharing. To be maniacal in managing expectations. To create acts, not ads. To not only contact consumers when they have to pay an invoice, but to gradually engage them via campaigns AND programs. And that to do this, you have to change companies from the inside. Not by brute force, but by smart projects.

So, here’s to the new class of marketeers at Lessius Mechelen that is prepared to build brands worth sharing and talking about.
[slideshare id=10156066&doc=2011-11-29-lessius-actsnotads-111114102703-phpapp01]

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